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Michaela. 20. England/Ireland. Welcome.

leighton meester and ed westwick for elle korea

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i have crazy eyes

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“Attention all S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. This is Steve Rogers. You’ve heard a lot about me in the past few days. Some of you were even ordered to hunt me down. But I think it’s time you know the truth. S.H.I.E.L.D. is not what we though it was. It’s been taken over by Hydra. Alexander Pierce is their leader. The strike and insight crew work for Hydra as well. I don’t know how many more but I know they are in the building. They could be standing right next to you. They almost have what they want. Absolute control. They shot Nick Fury and it won’t end there. If you launch those helicarriers today Hydra will be able to kill anyone that stands in their way unless we stop them. I know I am asking a lot but the price of freedom is high… it always has been, and it’s a price I am willing to pay. And if I am the only one, so be it. But I am willing to be that I am not.”

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Entertainment Weekly- Comic Con Day Three

Orlando Jones, Katia Winter, Lyndie Greenwood, John Noble, Tom Mison, and Nicole Beharie 

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CSI: Beacon Hills

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'So tell us a definitive answer, is it gonna be Oliver and Felicity? Or is it gonna be Barry and Felicity?' (x)

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OBERYN MARTELL MEME;  nine quotes [2/9]

"The fifth is difficult. I named her after my sister."

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clint barton shows up to shield 15 minutes late with a starbucks


"what do you mean shields gone"

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wee pup :3

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